How Computers Have Fitted Into Our Lives

It was once imagined that computers were and always would be a luxury item. They would be kept in one room in the home, used mostly for work and would be coveted for their game playing facility by the children. Before the Internet had entered the mainstream of people’s consciousness, we could not have foreseen how computers would work today for us.

Social networking is one thing that has taken the computer from the position of esoteric luxury item to everyday accessory. A staggering five hundred million people use Facebook. There are also many millions of Twitter users and other social networking sites that are full of subscribers. Online socializing is huge, and people do it on the bus, at work, and even while getting their hair cut.

Online shopping is another huge deal which would have been hard to foresee thirty years ago. These days we can have an idea for an item we need, log on and search for it, choose between different kinds and find the best price before paying securely for the item, all without moving from in front of the computer.

There is also a huge importance placed on the information and communication aspects of the computers in our homes. We can send and receive email, and we can find out facts and figures that may be essential for business, educational or entertainment purposes. One sentence we hear a lot less these days is: “Who was that guy who did that thing…?”. These days, we can find out easily.