Is It A Computer? Is It A Phone? Wait, It Is Both… And More!

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The development of technology over the years has been a source of wonder to many people, and during our lifetimes we will all see developments which will have us saying “I really never thought I would see the day…”. For people who remember a time when taking your computer to the car would have required multiple trips, the innovation of phones that act like computers is one such development.

Although the modern smart phones are still more phone than computer, the fact is that they are capable of more than the average desktop PC was even ten years ago. You can capture photographs and video footage, download music files, make phone calls (admittedly, this seems like a side-benefit with most smart phones) and use the Internet as well as many other capabilities.

The absence of a hard drive is all that seems to separate these phones from computers, but the memory that can be stored on the phone itself seems to render a hard drive unnecessary. It is not at all uncommon for Twitter users to see posts from friends who spotted something while on the move and took a photograph which they posted to the site. This would have been unthinkable up until recently.

Such is the technology that these phones even have touch-screen keyboards so that, instead of the old numerical keyboard with letters as a secondary function, you can type your text messages or emails as you would when using a laptop or a PC. It is a computer in all the typical senses, and it fits in your pocket. Many of us never thought we’d see the day.

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