Additional Services in a Computer Rental Shop

When people think of a computer rental shop, they immediately think of computer use and internet access. But this is not the only thing that you can provide for your clients. If you want to expand your business and your income, use your space wisely and provide as much service as you can while utilizing the same market.

Here are some of the ways you can take advantage of your already captured market and your equipment in the shop. This will not only triple your income, it can even quadruple it.

1. Xerox Machine
Depending on your location, Xerox machines are great ways to add to your income. This is especially true if you are located in an area where there are a lot of businesses and or near universities where students and executives will need to have some papers photocopied.

2. Printing and Fax
Another service that you can add to your clients in the computer rental shop is the printing and fax. Most of these people will probably need to have a printed copy of an email or a research that they have done. Some business executives using the computer terminals will need to send important documents for signing which cannot work if they email it. The possibilities are endless. And unlike with the Xerox machine, a computer printer and a fax is just cheap. In fact, there are even models that combine all three. When buying, buy the branded ones already as some unbranded ones may get easily broken.

3. Coffee and food
One of the things that you can offer your clients to supplement their computer and internet experience is some coffee or beverage as well as food. Most of these people will probably be working through lunch while others will want to have something while surfing the net. When they order food, chances are they will take even longer in the computer terminal because they will need to both type and eat. They will also not cut off their computer access without finishing off the food and drinks that they ordered. This means more income for you via longer computer access.

4. Typing jobs
Another great idea is to offer typing jobs. You can hire part-timers who can type documents for you and then offer the service to clients. Typing jobs are very much in demand not only in universities where students are bombarded wit different kinds of term papers, it may also be a boom with businesses whose pool of typists may not be enough to assuage the need. When pricing for this service, check out other stores.

5. Gaming terminals
Another hit among the young people is gaming in computer rental shops. You can dedicate a portion of your space for gaming or make sure that every terminal is ok for gaming. Often, computers that are into gaming need a much higher video card so decide on this before you buy the computers terminals.

As an additional income, you can even sell gaming cards that they can consume all through out their stay in the shop. That way, they don’t need to buy in other stores. Besides having that convenience of buying within the store will ensure that they stay in your shop for a long while.