Setting up a Wireless Network for a Computer Rental Business

Because of its convenience and flexibility, more and more computer rental owners are using wireless network for their business. Unlike the traditional wired cables, the wireless network is now being used for Internet access and connectivity to other units in the shop. Aside from Internet access, business owners can also use wireless network to share printers, files, and a other gadgets or pieces of equipment.

Contrary to what others think, it is easy to install a wireless network especially for a computer rental business. Here are some steps that can greatly help you in installing a new one:

1. Choose wireless equipment well. In creating a wireless network, all you need to do is to choose your wireless equipment, connect your wireless router, configure your wireless router, and connect your computers. For starters that will be using Windows XP, a Windows XP Service Pack 2 is not really required for wireless networking. Though it’s not a necessity, having the service pack will make things much easier because it will protect your network against viruses, worms, hackers, and other Internet intruders.

2. Find time in buying your wireless equipment. You can do this by researching and looking for the equipment that you really need. While surfing the net for several products in stores or on the Internet, you will have the freedom to choose the equipment that will support three different wireless networking technologies such as 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g. Experts say that 802.11g is highly-recommended because it offers excellent performance and is truly compatible with almost anything and everything.

3. Look for a reliable wireless network adapter. This is very important in setting up a wireless network because it will help the wireless router to work at its best. If you are going to buy an adapter for a desktop computer, might as well buy a USB wireless network adapter. And if you have a laptop, it is advisable to buy a PC card-based network adapter. Above all else, it is a must to make sure that you have an adapter for every computer included on your network. To have an easy setup, try to choose a network adapter made by the same vendor who created your wireless router.

4. Double-check your computer before installing a new wireless router. Since you have acquired relatively new units for your computer rental shop, it is best to check its essential parts. For all you know, it may already have wireless capabilities built with it and there’s no need for you to spend bucks for such. When this happens, you will not need other attachments such as adapters.

5. Opt for bundles. Sometimes, there are still other attachments needed for it. If it is inevitable to buy some parts, it will make your shopping easier when you purchase a bundle, like those available from Netgear, D-Link, Linksys, Microsoft, or Buffalo. And if you have a desktop computer, make sure to buy USB port for you to plug the wireless network adapter into. If in case you don’t have available or open USB ports, you should buy a hub to add these necessary ports.

These are just some of the things that you need to know when setting up wireless network for your computer rental business. You will need more time to research for everything you need to know about the connection.

If you run into any problems, consult the handbook that came with your wireless network or call for technical support.