How can Efficient Network Cables Help Boost a Computer Rental Business

Indeed, the advent of technology has indeed opened countless doors of possibilities to many people. And because of its seemingly unending potentials, more and more people are getting into businesses where modern gadgets and services can be offered to the public. One of the businesses that have flourished over the years is the computer rental.

Many people are getting into this business because of the so many discoveries, innovations, inventions and breakthroughs are emerging in the computer industry. They believe that these avenues will open up more possibilities for their businesses to grow.

But coming up with a computer rental business may be hard especially for those who are not "tech-geek." If you are one of those who are planning to jump into this kind business but you don’t have enough technical know-how or understanding of its nature, it is best to conduct your research first. Your research may start on the technical aspect of the business, which is acquiring the equipment needed.

Aside from the personal computer (PC) terminals, one of the most important components running a computer rental business is the quality of networking available. Since you need to ensure that there will be faster connection to all of your in coming users, you must make sure that the computer network cables you will be using are efficient for this type of work.

Why opt for wired network cables?

The trend in computer networks these days is getting wireless. However, this type of network is prone to many problems that is why many people—especially owners of computer rental jobs—still prefer to use hard-wired networks. This is because wired and cable networks are faster, more secure, and generally, more stable compared to its wireless counterpart.

Experts say that for start-up businesses such as computer rentals, wired networks are still preferred because these can run at 1000 megabits per second (Mbps) compared to wireless networks that have run at the top speed of just about 50 Mbps.

Aside from speed, another reason why wired network cables is ideal because of its security. Many computer rental owners prefer wired networks because these can protect their resources better compared to wireless networks that are open and available to everybody that has wireless device.

Experts, because of its stability, also prefer wired networks. This is because they believe that it is the best way to go for the owner to protect his or her investment. Although wired networks can be also prone problems, its extent is much smaller compared to wireless networks that are subject to too interference slows down the entire system.

Choosing network cables for your computer rental business

Wired networking for computer rental businesses depends greatly on cables and wires. This is why choosing what kind of network cable to use is very important. In the market today, there are basically two general categories of cable—the copper and the glass.

For those who don’t have much money to spend, copper wires are more ideal since these can be cheaper. But if the computer rental owner is after quality, glass is ideal. Since it has over 100 meters, it is suitable for almost anything because it has a lot of electromagnetic interference fields.

Another consideration in choosing network cables for computer rental business is the exact specification of what to be used. You need to properly specify which one you really need. Experts recommend Cat5e or Cat6 cable because these are the most common and dependable networks cables being used by many in the industry today because these are good in moving data over a fast network in no time.