Features of a Good Computer Rental Shop

There may be a lot of computer rental shops out there especially in commercial areas where computer terminals are scarce. These businesses thrive on a market that are caught in a crunch without a computer or those who just want to use the computer outside their home.

But though there are a lot out there, only a few shops can live up to the expectation. Some computer rental shops especially those in small towns have slow internet access and even slower word processors. This is why branded computer rental shops are often jampacked with customers. These people know quality service when they “try” one. Here are some of the things that make a good computer rental shop. Read on and you might learn a trick or two before putting up your very own.

1. Fast computers
Face it. Your clients are not born yesterday. They all know how to use the computer so that probably have their own computers at home. Giving them a computer that is a decade old or a model that is already several seasons old is not the way to endear yourself to your customers and ensure a good word of mouth. When buying computer terminals, make sure that they have a fast computer processor. It does not have to be the latest in the market but it needs to be a bit new. A season or two seasons ago can work. Another trick to make sure that your computer works fast is the RAM that you put inside. The higher the memory or the RAM, the faster your computer will be.

2. Fast access
Another criteria that your computer rental shop needs to pass is the internet connection. People don’t go to these shops to look out your clean windows they go to these shops primarily to use the internet. Only a select few actually rent a computer for word processing. This is why it is important that you also put a fast internet connection. Most clients will use it for gaming purposes while others will chat or surf the net. You can do this by checking with your internet service provider to see if they have faster connections. If ISPs are not that good. Go for another one.

3. WiFi
There are people who will also bring their laptops or those whose cellular phones can access the internet. Although these people do not anymore need the computer terminals, they need the WiFi to access the internet. You can provide this service and add some income to your computer rental shop. Check out your local store for details on how to set up a WiFi connection. It’s pretty easy. In fact, you can even forgo with the wires and just set up the whole shop in WiFi.

4. Coffee and food
This will not only be an additional service for you, it will also make sure that you will have relaxed clients. Besides, it is a prove fact that when clients eat inside computer terminals, they will use their computers much longer as they will need to eat everything up before they leave!

5. Printing and fax
This is another service that you need to provide for your clients in the computer rental shop. Remember that some of these people that you are servicing are office workers who need computer access because of an emergency. Take advantage of this market.