Computers And Education – The Information Revolution

As long ago as a couple of decades, the major reason for a family to purchase a computer was to help with the children’s education. Whether it was because the computer could be used to type and print essays, or due to the specific programs that could be bought and used to aid the understanding of mathematics, history and other subjects, this was a way for children to learn.

As time has gone on, and with the particular aid of the Internet, computers have continued to be a major part of the education of children, to the point where pretty much every school in the Western world has a computer room where the children can research work online, and every university has an online infrastructure for the same reason.

This does not just extend to the use of education based sites, although there are many good examples of these sites available to those who need them. It also takes in sites like Wikipedia and various newspaper sites, which allow students to read information which will be of great benefit in the process of learning how knowledge is applied.

As the Internet is a place where there is little regulation, it is of course a concern for many adults that their children may, in studying for school, find themselves on sites that are undesirable due to content such as pornography, hate material or unprotected chat sites. However, good filtering software is one way to prevent this.