Cheaper, Faster, Smaller, Better?

Computer Repair Manual

When people spend money, they want to get something that means their spending was worthwhile. For every purchase that is made, a standard is set – if your friend has got a computer that does certain things, for a certain price, then you have your benchmark – you want something at least as good, ideally better. You want it for at most the same price, but ideally cheaper.

The more that people purchase an item, the greater the incentive for companies to look at how they can make it better, and with computers this is especially clear. The more time passes, the greater the leaps have to be, and the more prices will drop for computers that have become, in most people’s eyes, obsolete.

A decade ago, most of us would have been happy with a computer that could connect to the Internet and would allow us to download moderately. As time has passed, it has become important to get more for your money. Broadband is considered essential, ideally at a high speed, and it is simply unthinkable to look at a computer that cannot stream video without buffering.

In addition to this we want fast downloading, easy modification, more peripherals and ideally we would like it in a range of colors. If you buy a computer that is less technologically advanced than your neighbor’s, then you have committed a rookie mistake and will have to either buy another one immediately or make sure you don’t make the same mistake next time. Getting the best is important.

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