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Personal Computers And How They Change Our Lives

There is no doubt that in technology develops faster and faster the more time goes on. As progress speeds up, it also increases the options open to those who want to make it go faster. Unless something gives at some point, people will soon be ordering computers that are obsolete by the time they are…

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Are There Any More Luddites?

Long ago, when the Industrial Revolution was taking hold in Britain, a group of individuals rose up in protest against it calling themselves the “Luddites” (named after their fictional leader Ned Ludd). They smashed up machines, arguing that these machines would deprive working people of jobs. Ever since, people who stand in the way of…

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Computers – The Predictions We Got Wrong

These days, we know where we are with computers. Even some of the most hardened Luddites of the past have come to terms with the fact that computers are not about to rise up and overthrow humanity, and are beginning to use them, if sparingly. But when we first started to explore an information technology…

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Our Lives Without Computers

It was not that long ago that computers were a real luxury, most families did not have one – and those who did had only one – and they were viewed as some awesome example of the future. One day, with computers, we would be able to do… well, the possibilities were endless. And a…

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Is It A Computer? Is It A Phone? Wait, It Is Both… And More!

The development of technology over the years has been a source of wonder to many people, and during our lifetimes we will all see developments which will have us saying “I really never thought I would see the day…”. For people who remember a time when taking your computer to the car would have required…

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