Ahead Of The Curve Or Behind The Times?

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Technology can make fools of us all. If you are too slow to pick up on a trend, you will be missing out, or so you’re led to believe. However, jumping on the bandwagon too early can result in costly and embarrassing mistakes – there are attics all over the world that contain pieces of technology whose time “was coming”, and then passed without ever being “now”.

Early adoption of a piece of technology can pay off for you. If you have got to grips with a new system while all around you are just planning to purchase it, then you can exploit what you know and gain from it. There are always people ahead of the curve, who make big money and then watch as countless others try to replicate their success.

But every piece of computer equipment has a cost. When you buy something to make your computing experience more intuitive, faster or more profitable, you are banking on it being successful. So you had better hope there is nothing in development that will pull the rug out from underneath you. If there is, you may have wasted your money.

A new computer is a purchase that needs to be considered. You have to think about what is currently available, what is around the corner and what is already pretty much dead. Early adopting can be a mistake if the thing you are adopting never becomes the thing everyone wants. It is important to use good judgement in choosing your purchases.

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