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Cheaper, Faster, Smaller, Better?

When people spend money, they want to get something that means their spending was worthwhile. For every purchase that is made, a standard is set – if your friend has got a computer that does certain things, for a certain price, then you have your benchmark – you want something at least as good, ideally…

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Great Things About Computers #6: Writing

The development of easier-to-use personal computers has contributed immensely to the ever-greater quantity of writing being done in this day and age. Although opinion will naturally be divided on whether this is a good thing, it has certainly democratized the process considerably, meaning that more and more people can get their writing published or publish…

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Great Things About Computers #4: Music

The development of technology dedicated to music has been constant during all of our lifetimes. There will be many people reading this who can remember a time when the choices available for playing music amounted to “cassette or vinyl”, with possibly an 8-track player thrown in out of left field. These days, more and more…

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Great Things About Computers #2: Data Storage

Information is everything. From the moment you are born, there is information pertaining to you, and a place for that information to be stored. As you go through life, you collect more and more information, and the pace of that information keeps increasing. The first time you get a bank account, the first time you…

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